What is different with Christian counselling compared with counselling offered in other, secular, centres?

As Christians we believe that we all have a dimension of our lives that greatly benefits from the impact of God’s Holy Spirit. In fact our overall health could be achieved if we addressed the following areas of our lives:
- Physical; Mental; and Spiritual.

A secular counsellor may do an excellent job of addressing the mental aspects of a client’s health, but will usually ignore the client's spiritual health.

As Christian counsellors, we feel confident in discussing with clients topics in the Bible and what the Bible, through God’s Holy Spirit, may teach us in the issue that has been bought by the client. In no way does this mean that as Christian counsellors we ignore the more secular teachings of Psychology, such as: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Narrative therapy or any other therapies. However what it does mean is that Christian counsellors interpret their use of these secular therapies through their understanding of what is taught by God in the Bible. Christian counsellors may not use all the secular therapies, or all sections of them, but they may use elements of these therapies that do not contradict the Biblical teachings.

Therefore, in our Christian counselling centre we aim to work as much as allowed by the client with the mental and spiritual aspects of a clients health. We leave the physical areas to others and only touch on this when a clients health in mental and spiritual areas is adversely effecting a client’s physical health. For example: in addictions; eating disorders etc.

So if you desire a balanced counselling experience then perhaps Christian counselling is for you.