Gilead Counselling Centre Inc. can provide a wide range of counselling services for individuals and couples. We offer general counselling on a wide range of subject areas including:
- Grief counselling;
- Anxiety disorders: which could include: O.C.D; eating disorders; some phobias; general anxiety; “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and panic attacks.
- Depression and “Post Natal Depression”;
- General stress disorder;
- Anger management;
- Conflict resolution;
- Building self esteem;
- Decision making;
- Helping clients avoid suicide, or assisting people recover after a suicide of someone known to them;
- Parenting; and
- Some professional supervision and/or debriefing.

In the area of relationships we cater for:
- Pre-marital counselling;
- Marriage enrichment and/or reconciliation;
- Assistance in learning strategies that build and sustain friendships;
- Inter and intra family relationships and how to manage, cope with or improve;
- Guidance for those struggling with family violence; and
- Bullying.

In the area of pre-marriage and marriage enrichment/reconciliation our counsellors are trained to use the “Prepare & Enrich” model to assist this counselling, but its use is at the discretion of the client.

As a Christian counselling centre we not only enhance our counselling in the previously mentioned areas by drawing on the teachings of our Christian faith where this is desired by the client, but we can sometimes assist clients in more specific spiritual areas such as:
- Spiritual direction;
- Combating spiritual attack;
- Coping with spiritual abuse; and
- Disputes within a Church group.

All the above mentioned are areas where Gilead’s counsellors have already provided counselling services, but if your particular concern is mot mentioned then please don’t presume we can’t address with you that issue. Please contact us and have a preliminary discussion to determine whether Gilead can help.