The original pictorial Gilead logo showed a cobble stoned path leading to a point in the distance. It implied that our lives are a journey that may not always be smooth, but can lead to a positive goal.

The new logo - introduced in 2013 - with the cobble stoned path - now also has a cross in it, pointing to the centrality of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Similarly the words attached to our logo, "Pathway to Healing", also indicate that our lives are a journey. In our lives we have choices of directions to take; some paths can lead to unhelpful results and other pathways could lead to lives that are healthy and fulfilled. When we select the right path we experience healing from many of the issues, events and impactions that have previously affected us.

At Gilead we believe that God sometimes uses our counselling ministry as His instrument to assist our clients along a pathway that leads to healing and a more fulfilled life.